MFC Carrageenan
Martsons Food Corporation

Martsons Food Corporation (MFC) is a world leader in producing quality
carrageenan products for various applications.

MFC is manned by a highly motivated and professional team fully committed
to meeting customer requirements through continuous improvement in
production and quality control.

MFC is also committed to provide customer product innovation through
research and development in our comprehensive and modern laboratory.

State-of-the-Art Facilities and Equipment
Processing Plant

MFC's commitment to providing the best quality carrageenan products is
matched only with our drive to give excellent customer support and assistance.

We pride ourselves in our dedication to give our customers the advantage in
their industries by providing the best right from the very start.

High quality products partnered with excellent customer support and a
competitive price best describes us - Martsons Food Corporation.

We currently offer two major product lines:
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MFC is equipped with the latest
technology in carrageenan

Our state-of-the-art processing
plant is located in the progressive
city of Davao - Philippines'
premiere gateway to international
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