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Martsons Food Corporation (MFC) leads in the production of the finest
carrageenan and offers a complete range of specialty hydrocolloid blends.

Our entire team of management, manufacturing and quality control personnel
are highly motivated and committed to deliver consistent products to our


MFC manufactures food grade and non-food grade semi-refined kappa and
iota carrageenan.

Our modern facilities operate 24 hours a day all year round and we continue
to expand both our production capacity and product line to meet evolving
industry requirements.

Quality Assurance and Research and Development

Strict quality control checks are implemented from raw seaweeds to finished
products in every step of the production to ensure high quality carrageenan

Our specialized R&D staff is committed to meet customer requirements
through continuous research to find new applications of carrageenan and
improve the quality of our products.

We are pleased to help our customer in setting carrageenan properties to
satisfy their needs.
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