The applications for MFC Carrageenan is boundless. Be it for food grade or
non-food grade applications, MFC has the right product ready for you.
Food Grade and Non-Food Grade Applications

Our MART-Sol Carrageenan Series are ideal for application on meat
products, dairy blends and other blends that needs thickening agents.

MART-Gel Carrageenan Series are ideal for use on various meat
products, jelly products, and industrial and non-food product applications
such as pet foods and air freshener gels.
Meat Products
Applications per Product
meat processing applications; freeze-thaw
capability, texture and flavor enhancement
MART-Sol PSRI Series -
suitable for stabilizing and emulsifying a
variety of dairy products such as:

  • Chocolate Milk
  • Condensed Milk
  • Evaporated Milk
  • Reconstituted Milk
  • Milk Shakes
  • Ice Cream Products (soft-served,
    bulk ice cream, ice cream on sticks)
MART-Sol DB Series     -
Meat Products
used as thickener or flow-property
controlling agent in many industrial and
other applications such as:

  • Toothpaste
  • Shampoo and Personal Care
  • Beer
  • Fruit Jams and Preserves
  • Sauces
  • Dressing
MART-Sol IOB Series   -
Dairy Blends
exhibits high quality gel and low KCL
content; ideal for jelly blends
MART-Gel PRC Series   -
also known as PES kappa; ideal for meat
product applications
MART-Gel PSRC Series -
an excellent meat extender, our MB Series
enhances meat appearance, improves
moisture, tenderness and juiciness, and
promotes a smooth "slice-ability". We have
a complete line of specially developed
blends for the following meat product

  • Hamburgers
  • Whole muscle and restructured ham
  • Luncheon meat
  • Frankfurters
  • Nuggets
  • Bacon
  • Sausages
  • Meat Balls
  • Corned Beef
  • Processed Poultry/Turkey
MART-Gel MB Series     -
Other Blends
Jelly Blends
MART-Gel JB Series     -
serves as a superior gelling agent, our JB
Series gives the following product
applications the important characteristics
they need:

Dessert Jellies
  • Assorted Jellies
  • Jelly Sticks
  • Jelly Cups
  • Mango Pudding

Piping Jellies
 Cake and Ham Glazes
MART-Gel INB Series   -
we also have the INB Series which are
excellent for applications such as:

  • Pet Food
  • Air Freshener Gels
Jelly Blends
Pet Foods
Air Freshener Gels
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