Carrageenan (E407 & E407A) is a collective term used for polysaccharides
prepared by alkalinization extraction from red seaweeds. Carrageenan is
a natural ingredient obtained from certain species of the red seaweed
Different seaweeds and processes produce different types of carrageenans.
Over the years, the popularity of using carrageenan for various food and
non-food applications has experienced steady growth through-out the

MFC Carrageenan is made from selected Eucheuma Cottonii and Spinosum, a
locally grown red seaweed species in the Philippines.

Although there are many different ways to produce and process
carrageenan, we produce our carrageenan products using technically
sophisticated processes with the use of the most advanced technology
available today.


MFC Carrageenan is made through a thorough KOH alkali solution
treatment. To preserve the quality, the eucheuma seaweeds are carefully
sun-dried and passes through an extensive selection process prior to
treatment and processing. The dried seaweeds are then classified, cleaned
and washed to remove impurities.

The carrageenan is then extracted by alkalinization treatment and then
purified before being milled.

MFC guarantees that our customers get only the best and highest quality
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