Semi-Refined Kappa Carrageenan (MART-Gel PSRC Series)

MFC semi-refined kappa carrageenan, also known as PES kappa, is available
in a variety of mesh size for different applications. It is a more economical
alternative to refined kappa carrageenan. PES kappa forms thermo reversible
and freeze-thaw stable gel when combined semi-refined iota carrageenan.
This is ideal for use on meat product applications.
Meat Blends for Meat Products (MART-Gel MB Series)

Our MART-Gel MB Series is an excellent meat extender. It enhances meat
appearance, improves moisture retention, tenderness and juiciness,
promotes smooth slice-ability, controls dehydration and weight loss, improves
meat binding properties, prevents fat separation and increases product yield.
Jelly Blends for Dessert Jellies (MART-Gel JB Series)

MFC offers an extensive range of standard grades of jellyfying water based
products. Our MART-Gel JB Series serves as an excellent gelling agent, it
improves flavor releases, provides excellent mouth-feel and superior texture
flexibility, controls jelly syneresis, exhibits easy unmolding from cups and no
need to refrigerate to attain firm gels.
Industrial and Non-Food Blends (MART-Gel INB Series)

Pet Food Blends

MFC Carrageenan-based blend for pet foods and canned foods helps bind the
water and prevent fat separation. It produces low syneresis but with a uniform
moisture in canned pet foods and gives a certain shine to finished products.

Industrial Blends

MFC Carrageenan-based blends for industrial applications is widely used in air
freshener gels. It serves as a superior gelling agent and controls the texture
of the product.
                            is a special hydro colloid blend excellent as gelling
and binding agents. It is mainly characterized by its ability to retain water in
final products.
Refined Kappa Carrageenan (MART-Gel PRC Series)

MFC's refined kappa carrageenan exhibits a high quality gel with low KCL
content that causes low water syneresis. This is ideal for jelly blends.  
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