Dairy Blends for Milk and other Dairy Products (MART-Sol DB Series)

MFC Carrageenan based blends are suitable for stabilizing and emulsifying a
variety of dairy products such as milk and ice cream. It helps in preventing
cocoa settling and separation and stabilizing milk and fat suspension. It also
improves and controls viscosity, provides a thick and rich mouth feel,
prevents ice crystal formation, stabilizes distribution of air, enhances
creaminess, maintains homogeneous mix and prevents melt-down.
Industrial and Other Blends (MART-Sol IOB Series)

Our MART-Sol IOB Series is ideally used as thickeners and controlling agents
of the flow-property of many industrial and other applications.

MFC Carrageenan-based blends improve beer clarity coagulate protein,
improve recovery, ease dispersion, minimize needs for filter aids, and provide
viscosity and good mouth-feel in sauces and dressings.
MART-Sol Carrageenan
                            is an excellent thickening and stabilizing agent in
water or other forms of liquid. This is recommended and ideally used on
different food and personal care applications.
Semi-Refined Iota Carrageenan (MART-Sol PSRI Series)

MFC's semi-refined iota carrageenan is a freeze-thaw stable gel and partially
cold soluble carrageenan. Ideally used on meat blends. When blended with
kappa carrageenan, this brings out the best in different meat products.
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