MFC currently offers two major product lines.
MART-Sol Carrageenan

  • Semi-Refined Iota Carrageenan (MART-Sol PSRI Series)
  • Dairy Blends for Milk and other dairy products (MART-Sol DB Series)
  • Industrial and Other Blends (MART-Sol IOB Series)

MART-Gel Carrageenan

  • Refined Kappa Carrageenan (MART-Gel PRC Series)
  • Semi-Refined Kappa Carrageenan (MART-Gel PSRC Series)
  • Meat Blends for Meat Products (MART-Gel MB Series)
  • Jelly Blends for Jellies (MART-Gel JB Series)
  • Industrial and Non-Food Blends (MART-Gel INB Series)
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