Specific Applications
Ham and Tumbled Meat

  • Effectively binds water even during cutting stages
  • Reduces purging during storage
  • Excellent meat extender
  • Controls cooking losses
  • Give body to finished product
  • Improves slice ability
  • Binds juices and brine during cooking            
  • Does not mask flavors
  • Improves meat binding even with lesser
  • Controls purging while in storage
  • Low cooking losses
  • Improves texture
  • Excellent meat extender
Dessert Jellies

  • Excellent gelling agent
  • Improves flavor release
  • Promotes low syneresis
  • Give superior texture flexibility
  • Gels even outside refrigerator
  • Easy unmolding from cups
  • Gives clear and smooth finish to finished
  • Low dosage
Ice Cream

  • Provides resistance to melting
  • Provides homogeneous body and mouth feel
  • Imparts smooth and creamy texture
  • Inhibit formation of large ice crystals
  • Stabilize and emulsify
  • Prevents fat from coalescing
Other Dairy Products

  • Prevents whey separation
  • Provides smooth and creamy texture
  • To finished product
  • Gives homogeneous mixture
  • Provides body to finished product
  • Aids in increasing viscosity

  • Used as a stabilizer
  • Prevent hardening, cracking and hardening
  • Cheaper alternative to xanthan gum
  • Imparts a desirable short texture providing
    clean break from the tube
Bread/ Dough

  • Serves as water binder
  • Add moisture to the dough
  • Improve product quality and yield
  • Retain fresh texture and taste

  • Improve resistance to overcook
  • Good substitute to egg without deterioration in

  • Serves as thickener
  • Promotes healty hair growth
Dressing/ Filling and Jams

  • Provide viscosity and mouth feel
  • Prevents separation of fats resulting to
    homogenous system
  • Enhances flavor releasetaste
Pet Foods

  • Helps bind water
  • Prevents fat separation
  • Gives "shine" to appearance and texture
Air Freshener Gels

  • Serves as gelling agent
  • Controls the texture of the gel
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